Bio (EN)

Madalena Nogueira dos Santos, from Maia (Porto, Portugal), was born in May 1987 and is graduated in Faculdade de Direito da Universidade do Porto (Faculty of Law of University of Porto), has Master’s Degree in Corporate and Business at Faculdade de Direito da Universidade do Porto (Faculty of Law of Catholic University of Porto) and is a Lawyer. And because the books mean everything to her, she founded and now coordinates the Library of Nogueira da Maia (Portugal), which will open to public in the next years, with the support of the Junta de Freguesia and many particular contributions.

Early she has shown a fondness for stories, firstly reflecting her creations with drawing, until, when she was about 12 years old, she has found the fascination of words.

She has participated in literary contests at the journal Comércio do Porto, Cantinho do Nicolau‘s section, where her works were published.

Madalena Nogueira dos Santos

Terras de Corza (Corza’s Lands)

Her first novels developed a group of characters who wandered into a parallel dimension where the magic reigns with imaginary beasts, but, after her 15th anniversary, she has decided to abandon that project with hundreds of pages to dedicate herself to an idea that discreetly enchanted her imagination: the Corza’s Lands (Terras de Corza).


Book Publishing

During two years, she constructed the intrigue of the first book, that, completed it was, rested on a shelf for about a year. The second volume of the same saga already occupied her free time when, by a family’s suggestion, Madalena Nogueira dos Santos sent the first original to Edições Gailivro, searching for a professional opinion to correct her mistakes and evolve the writing. For her surprise, in three months, the Publisher proposed the O Décimo Terceiro Poder’s (The Thirteenth Power) edition, whose releasing was celebrated in 2006. After two years and a half of work, A Coroa de Sangue (The Blood’s Crown) arised as the second book of the tetralogy and, in 2007, it was published. In 2008, the Publisher joined the Grupo LeYa (holding) and that postponed the releasing of the third book to the next year; in June 2009, finally, As Tribos do Sul (The Southern Tribes) was released.

The fourth and last volume, with the title Os Doze Reinos (The Twelve Kingdoms), arrived to bookshops in July 2010, going directly to the TOP 10 FNAC Fantasy & Science Fiction, remaining there for 4 weeks, to be followed by A Coroa de Sangue (The Blood’s Crown).

In August 2011, the 1001 Mundos collection announced that it left Gailivro to be under ASA seal (a bigger publisher).

The four books present different plots that allow a reading without following the publishing timeline, which are gathered in the same saga because everything happens in Corza’s Lands, a group of fictional kingdoms inspired in central and southern Europe, in the Middle Age (O Décimo Terceiro Poder, The Thirteenth Power), in the decadence of Absolutism (A Coroa de Sangue, The Blood’s Crown) and in Industrialization (As Tribos do Sul, The Southern Tribes), staying of the last one the return to the roots with pre-roman features (Os Doze Reinos, The Twelve Kingdoms). The readers easily detect the epic fantasy traces, without magic and imaginary beings, and a geopolitics fable full of exotics travels and intrigues.

Nowadays, Madalena is preparing the next books, previewing its releasing to be soon.

Literary Participations

In 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, Madalena was Jury of the Annual Literary Contest  promoted by Maia City Hall, that counted with international candidates. In 2009, she was Jury of the I “New Literary Talents” Contest, organized by Academic Federation of Porto, with the writer Richard Zimler, and again in 2010, with Joana Matos Frias, professor in Faculty of Arts of University of Porto.

She was an invited writer at Fórum Fantástico, the biggest national event dedicated to fantasy and science fiction literature, in Lisbon, in 2006 and 2010.

At the very beginning of the year 2011, Madalena was announced the “Portuguese Author of the Year – Fantasy” at My Immaginarium Awards 2010, while her Publisher took all the first places in Publishers’ categories.

In April 2010, it was realized the “Imaginary Conversations @Porto” for a weekend, that gathered authors of different arts (literature, drawing, photography, concept art, short filmes, etc.) influenced by fantasy, organized by Madalena Nogueira dos Santos, Rogério Ribeiro, Rui Baptista, Rui Ramos and Inês Botelho.

At the end of 2011, she was invited as administrator of Trëma Project, a writing workshop that gathers beginners and published authors, as well as a meeting point of portuguese Fantasy community.


Since the first edition, Madalena Nogueira dos Santos has appeared in all kinds of Media (click “Comunidade”) and also visited dozens of schools, bookshops and libraries, to talk about her books and encourage the young people to read and write.

In July 2010, she was the first Portuguese author interviewed on the first national fantasy PODCAST, by 1001 Mundos.

In October of the same year, it was released the first national fantasy BOOKTRAILER, that talks about the four Terras de Corza’s books, where Madalena Santos appears as a storyteller (link).

From April to August 2011, she was special guest of Radio 5 (100.8FM Porto), where she talked about literary, political and juridical themes twice a month.


Other passions

Another passion of her is music. She concluded with distinction the keyboard course at Escola de Música Fernando Carneiro and was a member of Coro Sénior da Associação Académica e Cultural de Ermesinde choir. She has tried the experience of a garage band… and decided to learn singing and piano at Academia Régia. Recently, she was admitted at Ensemble Vocal Pro Música, an adventure of other world (link).

She was Interact member of Rotary Club of Ermesinde. Today, Madalena is General Support volunteer of Portuguese Red Cross and member of Valongo’s Banco do Tempo.